A lot has changed since last year. I lost 20 lbs., I started working out and cutting down food like i never did before. Everything was good until December came and I lost track of everything. The expenses for the gifts and the calories I gained. Thanks to all those Holidays! It’s been a struggle for me getting back to the strict routine. I remember spending every evening walking then going to the gym last November. I was so inspired I had this extra mood boost for a month! Until I embarrassed myself >_< I don’t even want to talk about it…Long story short…I had a change of heart.

The things I used to love, I didn’t love anymore. Easiest example…food! I used to love a lot of food…but now i’m down to a few. There’s a dim sum by my workplace that I love the most that I love to eat with white rice and Thai iced tea! I love Cheetos! I love Chicken Katsu with vinegar and rice, i love Pho, deep fried green tea ice cream and baked salmon with cream cheese a.k.a. Philadelphia roll at most sushi places.

Not too many on the list, don’t you agree?

Foods were one of the things that really moved me…and made me happy. So…imagine the emptiness I felt when I lost that comfort zone.

Anyway…*sniff*sniff* change of topic. What are the things i look forward to this year?

I hope I get my teeth straightened out…

i look forward to a healthier lifestyle…healthier food and hopefully more outdoor activities!

I look forward to losing 10-20 more lbs. by starting a healthier diet!

i look forward going to school this year!

There’s already a few things set this year like waking up at four -thirty in the morning and driving my brother to UCLA every Friday :/

Hopefully I get to travel out of the country or to Hawaii or some countryside somewhere…and hopefully i find a group that will support and help me lead that healthy lifestyle! ^_^