“Maybe he didn’t have the energy to be with you anymore. Maybe emotionally he was drained. Maybe emotionally he was exhausted too. Maybe he thought it was impossible to be the man of your dreams because you kept treating him like he was one of the men from your past relationships that hurt you. Yeah you were a loyal woman to him but just because you never cheated on him with someone in your relationship, it still doesn’t mean that you didn’t cheat him out of experiencing a real one with you. It’s not fair making him be the only one emotionally available in the relationship. It’s not fair that he still has to go through hell with you, because so many men lied to you about giving you heaven. Every time he got close to you, you kept arguing with him to keep him at bay. And every time he was about to sail off and move on with his life, you kept being an anchor holding him back from doing that. No man can make a woman completely happy who talks like she wants a real relationship, but loves like she isn’t really ready for one. Men get tired too…”


“She has to trust your ability to lead. I mean she can navigate fine all by herself but being led by a man driven by a purpose is always better. It means that he actually cares about where the two of them are going. Are you someone her father would respect? Are you someone her mother would welcome with open arms? And if she has children, are you the right kind of role model to have around them? The last thing a focused woman wants is an unfocused man. She was perfectly content with how her life was before you walked into it making her feel special off of a whole bunch of lies. Before you try being “The Man” in her life, it’s important to make sure that you are “A Man” in yours first and foremost. Only an immature man will stop a woman in her tracks just to waste her time.”


rule #1: don´t get too
i tell this to myself too
much, but of course i end up
falling for someone too easily.

rule #2: if attached, don´t
overthink everything they say.
i could´nt fall asleep because
i was so happy when I thought
we had a chance

rule #3: if overthinking
don´t fall in love.
i remember the first night i
realized you were someone really
special to me.

rule #4: if in love, don´t
overdo it.
did i say too much? i´m sorry
i think i scared you away

rule #5: if overdid, don´t
fuck up the rest.
i fucked up the rest —Goner via 2ndsong.tumblr