making progress

WOW…I am so slooow…since last night. Wait, I need to practice being positive…

Yay! I finally finished reading the first Chapter of my Statistics book! hahahaha!!! ~so many new terms…^_^ I am starting to understand a little bit of it.

I finally made one post! yay! hahahaha…can’t stop laughing at how unproductive I am these past two days are going like they’re nothing! hahaha!!! *cries*laughs I’m finally getting busy and pretty soon I will have no time to think about what happened over the weekend! ohmygad, i need to sleep soon! I wanted to sleep last night like a regular person…but those were my ‘most’ productive moments! I watched a couple of episodes of Anger Management (my favorite!) and wrote with all my different collections of black pens! xD I probably wrote everything I read on my notebook!!! xD ❤ I was a hungry monster too! I ate all my food faster than I read! xD Plus, I had ice cream dessert after I read a page! I had sweet red bean ice cream with some bread! seriously, i know it’s weird to mix ice cream with bread BUT it was so DELiciOUS!!!