Yesterday, I found a strip of my old notebook page and look what I found inside it! It was like a treasure for me! it was very rich with wisdom…just exactly what I need right now.

So today I started looking it up in my Bible (Seriously, I haven’t gone opened my Bible in months!) and I read about a bush and a tree.

What particularly hit me was this one…wpid-tempfileforshare_2015-10-12-19-13-57.jpg

One fact about me is I prefer fake flowers than real ones. Don’t get me wrong! real flowers are beautiful! They are alive and they have a beautiful scent!  but the real flowers eventually die and that is a depressing sight to see for me…so that’s why I prefer the fake flowers. Anyway, few months ago…I was confident enough to keep one orchid alive…but for some reason, no matter how low maintenance they are…I just don’t have a green thumb! I tried to give it water every once in awhile but the results are far from successful…


When was the last time I actually turned to God for living water? Looking back months ago, I won’t deny that I have been really thirsty. Ever been thirsty but nothing seems to quench the thirst because you try to drink everything else but water?

When I felt down or I felt happy somehow, I didn’t run for water. I went out to drink to celebrate. What I’m saying here is I should’ve kneeled down and looked up to…cried out to God…when I had the chance. I got through every difficult situation because of Him, I got through the good times and the bad times because of Him.

So my prayer is keep me grounded this time. Keep me close, God. Because I have a tendency of not reaching out for You when I have to. Quench this thirst of mine, fill me up…refresh my soul.