no let’s drink and have fun monday :,(

Supposed to be a fun Monday!!! Usually when I manage to finish the school and work week, I celebrate with good food and drinks, but no one to celebrate with!*sigh* so I’m gonna celebrate alone…maybe…maybe not. Mark’s still in school…and my brother is busy too at UCLA!

Come to think of it, we’re all finally busy!!!yay!

And in the next two years we will all be celebrating all this hard work. ūüôā Here’s Looking forward to the next few years!!!


Yesterday, I found a strip of my¬†old notebook page and look what I found inside it! It was like a treasure for me! it was very rich with wisdom…just exactly what I need right now.

So today I started looking it up in my Bible (Seriously, I haven’t gone opened my Bible in months!) and I read about a bush and a tree.

What particularly hit me was this one…wpid-tempfileforshare_2015-10-12-19-13-57.jpg

One fact about me is I prefer fake flowers than real ones.¬†Don’t get me wrong! real flowers are beautiful! They are alive and they have a beautiful scent!¬†¬†but¬†the real flowers eventually die and that is a depressing sight to see for me…so that’s why I prefer the fake flowers. Anyway, few months ago…I was confident enough to keep one orchid alive…but for some reason, no matter how low maintenance they are…I just don’t have a green thumb! I tried to give it water every once in awhile but the results are far from successful…


When was the last time I actually turned to God for living water? Looking back months ago, I won’t deny that I have been really thirsty. Ever been thirsty but¬†nothing seems to quench the thirst because¬†you try to drink everything else but water?

When I felt down or I felt happy somehow, I didn’t run for water. I went out to drink to celebrate. What I’m saying here is I should’ve kneeled down and looked up to…cried out to God…when I had the chance. I got through every difficult situation because of Him, I got through the good times and the bad times because of Him.

So my prayer is keep me grounded this time. Keep me close, God. Because I have a tendency of¬†not reaching out for You when I have to. Quench this thirst of mine, fill me up…refresh my soul.


Sometimes I wonder if my life’s gonna be like this for the next few years…not that i’m miserable or something. Can’t help but think about focusing on other areas of my life. But who says I can’t do them all at the same time! *tryingtothinkpositive Besides, I’m not the only one making good use of their time on this earth. I wanna make a difference! I wanna make a big difference on this earth while I’m alive and living. We should be grateful everyday for the things that we have. Another day, another breath, another life lesson worth taking in. Just take each day, one step at a time. Rest your mind when you can. Cry your heart out if you must. Talk to yourself or to God if you need to. Believe me, it will help put things in perspective and put your heart and mind back into place. Focus on the things that ‘MATTER.’ ONLY on the things that MATTER. Take the extra stuff out of the equation and turn off the noise. It’s funny before I go to work, I find myself struggling to find that sense of ‘peace.’ Part of me is questioning myself every time: “Why didn’t I do this any sooner?” “i¬†could’ve contemplated on my life since two days ago! not fifteen minutes before going to work!” >_< know what i mean…

making progress

WOW…I am so slooow…since last night. Wait, I need to practice being positive…

Yay! I finally finished reading the first Chapter of my Statistics book! hahahaha!!! ~so many new terms…^_^ I am starting to understand a little bit of it.

I finally made one post! yay! hahahaha…can’t stop laughing at how unproductive I am these past two days are going like they’re nothing! hahaha!!! *cries*laughs I’m finally getting busy and pretty soon I will have no time to think about what happened over the weekend! ohmygad, i need to sleep soon! I wanted to sleep last night like a regular person…but those were my ‘most’ productive moments! I watched a couple of episodes of Anger Management (my favorite!) and wrote with all my different collections of black pens! xD I probably wrote everything I read on my notebook!!! xD ‚̧ I was a hungry monster too! I ate all my food faster than I read! xD Plus, I had ice cream dessert after I read a page! I had sweet red bean ice cream with some bread! seriously, i know it’s weird to mix ice cream with bread BUT it was so DELiciOUS!!!